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When Brittany Corporation conceptualized the project for The Marfori Tower in Sucat, they had two things in mind: location and amenities. As mentioned above, the location for The Marfori is highly coveted because of the prime address that gives it convenient access and proximity to various facilities and destinations nearby. But the amenities offered at this condominium development will take your condo living experience to a whole new level. This is a promise from Brittany Corporation and they are serious about that commitment to ensure that you will feel pampered at home.

Before you delve into the amenities available at this condominium, it is important to know the building features first. These should not be overlooked as they are crucial to enhancing your quality of life in terms of the daily services you can enjoy or use. The most important building feature or facility is a 24-hour integrated security system. It is a standard for modern condominiums and real estate developments. The main lobby is guarded by security personnel and there are roving security guards too. On top of that, the common areas are equipped with a CCTV camera to keep an eye on any suspicious behavior and to ward off any unauthorized personnel off the property.

A convenient drop-off point is also available at The Marfori that leads into the grand entrance lobby. You can therefore welcome your guests and friends into a classy and elegant lobby with high ceiling and receptionist to welcome them in. The lobby interior is also professionally designed with the help of renowned interior designer Pinky Cruz-Peralta from the Creative Post. Thus, you can rest assured that the lobby depicts the image and grandeur that the entire condominium development is about. A professionally trained concierge staff is also available at the lobby to offer premium service to the residents and their guests.

Other key building features that you can enjoy at The Marfori includes a provision for high speed internet connection, individual mail boxes (secured with keys), individual meters for water and electricity, eco-friendly waste disposal system, multi-level car parking system, and provision for hot and cold water system.

When it comes to the leisure amenities, The Marfori also boasts plenty of them. The amenity area is located on the third floor wherein you can go to if you want to relax and enjoy these amenities. The swimming pool is a standard amenity that you can enjoy so you can enjoy and relax during the weekend by swimming a few laps. There is also a fitness gym at the amenity area that is fully equipped with the cardio machines and exercise equipment you could imagine.

In addition to the swimming pool and fitness gym, the condominium has its own Marfori Bar and Lounge. This is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy some drinks during the weekends without the need to brave the traffic. Other notable amenities offered at The Marfori so you can relax or socialize in are the Social Hall and the Health Spa.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Gym and Health Spa
  • Specialty Boutiques
  • Fine Dining and Themed Restaurants
  • Personal Care Shops and Convenience Stores
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